Wine Cellar Concepts

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Welcome to Wine Cellar Concepts, where we design and fabricate wine cellar cabinetry in my New London, Connecticut cabinet shop. We specialize in natural finishes with hand applied custom blended waterborne stains and topcoat with a blend of Carnauba and Beeswax. Designs range from contemporary with clean lines to rustic which incorporate reclaimed woods and timbers. For more information on pricing and specific wood species offered, click on "fees" above.

< “9,500 bottle New Canaan, CT wine cellar was featured on NBC's "OpenHouse NYC" in May 2009, which continues to air in the N.Y.C. area (and in NYC taxicabs!). Click Here to View the Video.

We are currently designing projects for 2015 installation. Please feel free to email me to begin the design process.