Wine Cellar Concepts

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Art + Auction Magazine
April 2009
Keeping it Cool. By Ted Loos (click image for full article)
"David Spon is one of the top names in the game. He created the wine room of Robert A.M. Stern's Manhattan luxury condo project, 15 Central Park West. It's probably the artistic details-soaring arches, elaborate mosaics, floors of rare stone-that keep deep-pocketed clients coming back to Spon. Just as a serious art aficionado wouldn't put her Frans Hals in a cheap metal frame, a true wine lover does not mess around with second-rate options in the cellar."


Town & Country Magazine
November 2008
Ultimate Access: The Wine Cellar
"Renowned designer David Spon (Wine Cellar Concepts) can plan traditional cellars or create wine closets in high-rises."


Food & Wine Magazine
April 2008
A Cellar Designer's Underground Secrets (click image for full article)
"David Spon reveals his best wine-storage solutions,including a foolproof way to prevent guests from accidentally opening the $1,000 grand cru Bordeaux."


Town & Country Magazine, New York
November 2006
Design Trends," Wine's World (click image for full article)
"Connecticut-based David Spon designs custom cellars to help people who live for their wine live with it."


Gotham Magazine
April, 2006
"15 Central Park West," a prestigious design by architect Robert A.M. Stern where, according to Gotham Magazine, "Sadly, only 30 folks will be able to purchase their own David Spon-designed wine ceallar with octaganal tasting room."


Wine Spectator Online / Unfiltered
March, 2006
"So a GE Monogram is bush–league to you, eh? In that case, you probably own one of the condos under construction at 15 Central Park West in Manhattan. Well, for just a few bucks on top of the purchase price (the units run up to $45 million), you can also buy one of the 30 personal wine cellars in the basement that are being designed and built by David Spon. The cellars, with 10–foot–high ceilings and central temperature and humidity control, will range in capacity from 900 bottles to about 4,000 and in price from $80,000 to $200,000. As a bonus, you'll have use of a central, octagonal tasting room with exposed beams. "It's going to have more of a rustic feel," says Spon, who normally designs high–end rooms for private homes. Coming from him, the cellars are a bargain. "Most of my projects run somewhere between $200,000 and $500,000 per room," he explains. "The cabinetry generally runs from about 40 or 50 grand to about 130." Spon estimates that 15 CPW's $2 million storage area will require roughly 40 tons of wood and that fabrication of the cabinetry will take nearly a year and installation about three months. Lest you think you're top dog for having the penthouse suite and the biggest cellar, this week in Greenwich, Conn., Spon is finishing his biggest—ever project at a private home– a 9,000–bottle cellar for which the cabinetry alone cost $200,000."


Southern Accents Showhouse
We were honored to be chosen to design the wine cellar at the beautiful Southern Accents Showhouse in McLean, Virginia, in 2005. The home is now serving as a model home for Artisan Builders.


Wine Spectator
March 31, 2000
"America's Best Restaurants" (click image for more photos)
David Spon has designed and installed several cellars for Charlie Trotter's Chicago Restaurants. Several have been featured in Wine Spectator, including page 57 of the March 31, 2000 issue.


Wine Spectator
August 1996
"Great American Cellars," by Ted Loos (click image for full article)
Cover photo of wine cellar designed by David Spon. "'What I liked was his vivid imagination for coming up with creative solutions.' said collector Ron Cornelison. One of those ideas was for a wall mosaic. 'David (had) this concept for a mosaic, and I said, that sounds good. I thought it was going to be small.' It turned out to be roughly 10 feet long, a striking visual anchor to the relatively modest cellar."


The Wine News
November 1992
"The Cellar Masters," by David McDougal (click image for full article)
"At their very least, these rooms help redefine our conception of what a wine cellar is. At their best, they are works of art that begin to show us what a wine cellar can be."


Food & Wine
September 1992
"Wine Storage," by Donna Sapolin (click image for full article)
"If you invest in first-class wines, it makes economic sense to safeguard their character with sound cellaring practices. In the Washington, D.C. home of Edward Lancaster, designer David Spon created an environment for a 2,200 bottle collection by balancing diverse textures and materials, including slate, clay, wood and glass."


Food & Wine
March 1992
"Parker Recommends: A Wine Lover's Guide," by Robert Parker
"If you want to commission a truly original cellar design, one of the ... best sources in the business is David Spon's Wine Cellar Concepts."


The Wine Advocate
February 1992
"Wine Cellar Designs," by Robert Parker
"If you want a truly original cellar design, one of the two best people in the business is David Spon, Wine Cellar Concepts."