Wine Cellar Concepts

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New Jersey Customd Wine Cellar Feature on "Open House NYC"
Sept. 27, 2009
David was featured with George Oliphant and Stephen Fanuka on NBC's OpenHouse NYC. Watch It!


NBC Wine Cellar Feature on "Open House NYC"
May 3, 2009
David gives a tour of one of his favorite multi-room cellars in Connecticut and talks about layout and shelving design to maximize both elegance and use! Watch It!


Interiors By Design
With Chris Madden. Episode 107, 1992
"This cellar does reflect the way the client's live, and they love to entertain. I like to bring different textures, different elements, into the room..." says David Spon during a interview and tour of one of his cellar designs.


News Channel 5 Interview
"A New Study: Wine Drinking Can Prolong Your Life" 1992
Fox Reporter Patrick McGrath interviews Dennis Gowan in his "magnificent"
cellar, which was designed by Wine Cellar Concepts.